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About Us

Hannah, a young lady born with Williams Syndrome, loves music, animals and is passionate about great smells. Her mother Helga, committed to nurturing the vibrant health of our environment and all living beings has been trained in Permaculture and Herbology. Together they developed an amazing line of Natural Skin Care, Pure Aromatherapy and Organic Teas.

About Our Products

HANNAH’s Essentials products are composed of purely organic, wild-crafted or natural ingredients, infused in CBD, healing herbs, essential oils and much LOVE! These products are gentle and effective, helping to regain and maintain the natural balance of your skin, promoting health and wellbeing, without any toxic fillers, petroleum by-products or chemicals.

Most plant extracts used in our products are grown on our urban, organic Permaculture farm or purchased from sustainable sources.  All of our products are tested and used only by our own family and friends, never by animals! Your skin is your biggest organ and up to 60 % of what you put on it, is absorbed by your body!  We are committed to reducing your toxic load by providing products that are:

FREE of Artificial Fragrances and Dyes, Gluten, Mineral Oils, Harsh Preservatives, Parabens, Petroleum and Animal Cruelty.

With our ZERO WASTE policy we are determined to reducing the environmental impact on our beautiful planet Earth by recycling, reusing and reducing.

Most of our products are packaged in reusable glass containers and you receive 50 cent off your next order when returning your washed glass container to us.

Reused packaging materials are use when packing shipping orders.

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